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Remembering Sri Kaleshwar

This website is dedicated to our beloved master and friend Sri Kaleshwar. We are forever grateful for the divine fragrance and the ancient knowledge he shared with us and the world. We will always remember him in our hearts.


Open your heart to those around you and I will be there. The blessings of the Guru Parampara will find you wherever you are on the globe.

Every person has to understand that whoever has huge love for God and divinity, these are the people who are able to experience miracles from God.

Heartfully it’s my huge mission, ambition and aim to create huge success in each soul. That’s it. I’m happy to work day and night, night and day whatever the energy will access to make it done. I’m happy to do it. I’m happy to face any type of pain, whatever the extent of pain. I already offered Mother Divine, ‘Use me in whatever way you want. Make my students successful.’ The number one priority is to who really has an open heart.

Sri Kaleshwar

Regional Organizations

Divine Lineage

Organization based in the US dedicated to teaching Sri Kaleshwar's ancient knowledge.

Sri Kaleshwar Europe

Organization based in Europe dedicated to teaching Sri Kaleshwar's ancient knowledge.

Sri Kaleshwar

Information about Sri Kaleshwar and his teachings

Movies and Videos

Sri Kaleshwar encouraged his students to watch and study several spiritual movies. You can find some of them below, in addition to a tribute slideshow.